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Wound Dressings

Buy Wound Dressings

A wound that just won’t heal? Looking for the right wound dressing? We’ll help you find. Wound care dressings play a key role in the healing of wounds and are vital for wound care. Choosing the right wound care product is important for quick recovery because it comes into direct contact with the wound unlike a bandage. It protects the wound from infection, absorbs exudate and creates the right environment for healing. Manage chronic and difficult-to-heal wounds with different types of wound dressing supplies like silver wound dressings, collagen wound dressings, hydrogel wound dressings, alginate wound dressings, foam wound dressings and many more. Also available are silicone and honey dressings as well as topical and composite dressings from top manufactures like Medline, Smith & Nephew, Convatec, 3M and more.

How to choose the right Wound Dressing for your wound?

There are multiple choices in wound dressings. Know your wound type because each dressing is designed to tackle specific conditions. Picking the right one, as recommended by your wound care professional will ensure that the recovery is fast.

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What are Catheters?

Urinary catheters are flexible tubes used to empty the bladder and collect urine in a drainage bag. they can either be inserted through the tube that carries urine out of the bladder (urethral catheter) or through a small opening made in your lower tummy (suprapubic catheter). the catheter usually remains in the bladder, allowing urine to flow through it and into a drainage bag. catheters for usually made from rubber, plastic and/or silicone material. Generally, a person with urinary incontinence is recommended to use a urinary catheter. However, anybody who is facing troubles with emptying their bladder can use catheters ocassionally or on a daily basis. There is a plethora of variety of catheters available on HPFY, these are manufactured by the leading names of the industry such as Bard Inc, Teleflex Incorporated, and Coloplast to name a few, all brought together on HPFY in a systemic fashion for your ease.

Different Types of Catheters: Depending on the duration of their usage, there are 3 main types of urinary catheters- Intermittent Catheters, Indwelling Catheters and External Catheters.

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Protective Apparel

Protective Apparel

Protective apparel are designed to be used by medical professionals and help in keeping them safe from contaminants and bodily fluids that they are required to handle every day as their profession demands. A number of medical and health hazards are a part of the profession of medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, medical staff, etc. To protect oneself from these hazards, one has to wear apparel that prevents any damage or adverse effects on their health. We, at HPFY, have a huge variety of infection control products from brands like Medline Industries, Landau Uniforms, Core Products,

Childrens Factory, and Dynarex Corporation.
Features of Protective Apparels at HPFY
Available in reusable and disposable forms
Comes in different sizes and colors
Highly suitable for both male and female
High quality material and offers complete protection

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Enteral Feeding Tubes

Buy Enteral Feeding Tubes Enteral Feeding Tubes

Enteral feeding is a means of supplying nutrition, water and medication to a patient who is unable to take in food directly through the mouth or unable to swallow. Enteral feeding could be required by adults or children depending on what conditions affects the individual. Enteral feeding involves being fed by a feeding tube which is a medical device designed for enteral feeding. The feeding tube may be inserted through the nostrils and into the stomach or directly inserted through the abdomen and into the stomach through a surgically-created or non-surgical opening. At HPFY we have a wide variety of feeding tubes for delivering nutrition through enteral feeding.

Types of Enteral Feeding Tubes

There are different types of feeding tubes. Enteral feeding tubes that are inserted into the stomach through the nose are called nasogastric, nasoduodenal or nasojejunal tubes. Those enteral feeding tubes placed directly into the abdomen are referred to as a gastrostomy, gastrojejunostomy or jejunostomy feeding tubes.

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Buy Rollators Rollators

Rollators, or rollator walkers, are designed to meet the mobility requirements of those who are unable to move around unassisted. They are basically walkers on wheels or rolling walkers. Safe, reliable and sturdy, rollators offer a comfortable and affordable solution to mobility. Discover newfound freedom with these mobility aids which provide maximum support and improved posture. Ergonomic hand grips, latest designs, heavy-duty and strong wheels, adjustable handle heights, frame made with highest quality materials… are some of the highlights of these rollators. There are breast cancer awareness rollators, designer rollators and specially designed products for bariatric

How to Choose the Best Rollator?

The best rollator is the one which meets all your needs and to ensure you make the right choice, you need to find out what factors to consider when choosing a rolling walker. These are:

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Medical Tables

Medical Tables

Medical treatment tables are exam tables designed to provide easier and more efficient treatment for patients. These medical exam tables are items that are required in all healthcare facilities and need to be versatile and comfortable whether the patient is sitting up or lying down. Each medical examination table is different from the other in terms of features and functions and so they match specific treatment requirements.

Durability: Medical tables need to be able to withstand the daily use that is required of them. They also need to be able to endure the diligence of certain treatments. It’s good to have Treatment Tables with a warranty in place due to it’s daily use.

Adjustability: Tables that can be adjusted effortlessly are ideal. Physicians need to adjust exam table positions during medical exams, tests and treatments. These adjustments make patients more comfortable and allows physicians to have a closer look. Choose Examination tables that allows adjustments in as many positions as

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Edwin D C
Edwin D CFairbanks, AK
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I have ordered several times and my items always are shipped quickly and accurately. Prices are always fair and comparable to anywhere I have shopped. I am totally pleased with your service.
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Easy to place order, fast delivery and great product! Sure beats getting out in that mad rush at the department stores. Great service and the ability to order in bulk is much more economical!
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We were very happy with the quality and price of our first order that we are ordering the same once again. We are so happy that we found you as a resource for our very important medical supplies

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